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Student shall possess technical computer skills.

The theoretical component of the RN Refresher Program is comprised of video, internet, DVD, technologies with content correlating to the reading assignments, case studies, v-Sim (virtual simulation), and skill practice designed to reinforce participant learning. The participants view course content presentations on DVD, complete assignments and self-assessment quizzes. Communication with the course coordinator is via e-mail, phone, and fax.  


Students will move into their clinical placement once all their paperwork has been received, reviewed, and found to be complete. Students do not dictate when or where they will be placed for clinical. This placement may or may not be immediately following your independent study completion. We make every attempt to find the best opportunity for student review and patient safety. 

Clinical preceptor ship is established by the program with a facility based on the student’s nursing experience and the clinical staffing needs. Do not look for opportunities on your own. These are individualized student affiliations, and although we are constantly looking for early time frames, and ways to make this happen there may be a waiting period. It is the student’s responsibility to complete the independent study, submit all pre-requisites, and exams within the 6 month time frame so when a clinical position opens the student will be ready to begin and finish within definition of program time frame: “The Program” is defined as a six month time frame to complete the independent study and the following 6 months time frame to complete the Clinical. Some students will finish both within their six month time frame of “The Program”. Should a student need a longer time frame to complete the 1 year program (including clinical placement), it is up to the director to determine if the extenuating circumstances warrant that extension.  


Returning to a patient’s bedside for the clinical rotation may be a rather frightening experience if you haven’t practiced for a while, even under the supervision of a nurse preceptor. You will be exposed to new medications, equipment and computers. The clinical component requires 160 hours of supervised clinical practice.


NCLEX Students will have a time period following their independent study in which they will be attempting to schedule and take their exam. After passing the exam the clinical will be arranged. It is the student’s responsibility to notify the Director at this point  of passing their exam.



  • Complete all required clinical paperwork provided in your Student Binder

  • Return the last two pages of your Preceptor's guide completed and signed with phone and email information

  • Return the course & clinical site evaluation

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