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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start the program?

“Anytime-Anywhere” whenever you like.  This program is designed with you in mind. We understand that it may be difficult for many of you to attend classes every day of the week, conflicting with other obligations. Therefore you may study and review at your leisure, day, evening or weekends.

How long do I have to complete the program?

Program Start time: Begins when you have received your textbooks.
Completion time: The independent study portion, the submission of the compliance requirements, the Medication, IV Fluid, and final exam is 6 months total.

Clinical Completion: MedStar Academy, Inc. will insure that qualified students will have a verified clinical placement within 12 months of program start time. Total completion time may be as little as 6 months depending on the amount of effort dedicated to the on-line program, or as long as one year. It is recommended that each student send a periodic update to the program Director with a description of where you are at in the independent study portion. This assists us in gauging the timely clinical placement of our students.

How many hours are required to complete the RN Renewal course?

The RN Refresher Hybrid program is designed to provide 122 theory/skills hours and 160 supervised clinical hours. Supervised clinical skills will be accomplished in the clinical arena to update your experience.


How many hours are required to complete the LPN Program?


The LPN Program is 120 hours of didactic, independent study and 120 hours of supervised clinical hours. 

Who teaches the program?

The program is self-learning so there is no onsite classroom instructor. The program is monitored for you by the Executive Director of Nursing at MedStar Academy, Inc., and information to meet the course curriculum with Syllabus is found in the Student Handbook. (Remember this is specific for ease of your schedule). Your independent study information is located in, DVD’s and on the WEB site.  It is an ideal format for independent learning.

Would I gain more benefit in a structured and classroom program?

This depends upon your preferred learning style and life commitments: If you have the time and availability to a program with a classroom setting, some find it beneficial for the face to face interaction with an instructor and other students.
*This course is designed for the RN who either does not have access to a classroom RN Refresher program or because of other commitments (family, children, and job) and cannot or does not wish to attend a classroom based program.  This program requires more self- discipline and motivation by the student but has the flexibility and availability of “anytime or anywhere”.  Some students work more efficiently in a quieter environment where they have the opportunity to review and study at their own pace.*

How do I gain access to the course?

Once you have completed the enrollment process and all pre-requisites have been satisfied you will be given an access code to log into your course books online.

Why do I need to get a background check — Fingerprint clearance?

Most health care facilities now require a background check for all employees.  In order to do your clinical rotation you will need the basic screening. The cost for this screening is $67.00 made payable to DPS (Department of Public Safety). Some of you may already have this FP Clearance Card and just need to present it at registration.

Some institutions may also require an additional check on a Panel Drug Screen. Your physician office can draw the panel neessay to meet this requirement.

What do I need to do to acquire my temporary License?

You must go to for the LATE/INVALID LICENSE QUESTIONNAIRE. Fill out the questionnaire 
and present it to the Board.  Do not apply for the temporary license until you are about to complete the didactic.  This license is only effective for six months.

Renewal Requirements for ACTIVE license

  • Applicants must meet one of the following practice requirements:

  • Practiced as a nurse for 960 hours or more in the past 5 years or

  • Graduated from a nursing program and obtained a degree within past  5 years or

  • Completed an Arizona Board approved Refresher course in the past 5 years or

  • Obtained an advanced nursing degree in the past 5 years (i.e. LPN to RN, RN to BSN, masters, or doctorate).

  • Temporary License for Refresher Course:

  • If you have not met one of the renewal requirements above, you will need to inactivate your license or complete a refresher course. If taking a refresher course, you must submit the renewal application and fee, a 

  • Request for Temporary License for Refresher Course Only (found on the website under 

  • Download Applications), and proof of enrollment in the course.  Once all required paperwork is received, you will receive a temporary license good for 6 months to complete the clinical portion of the course. Once complete, your program will contact us ad your renewal license will be issued.

Do all hospitals accept this course and the students?

To-date we have hospitals, Long Term Care Facilities, and other institutions that have committed to working with our students. This course is based on general medical surgical competencies. The best experience is in an acute care facility on medical surgical units. However if you know your future nursing opportunity will be based in an alternate situation we will make every effort to fulfill this preference with the course objectives. As students present themselves as candidates for this program we will make every effort to align with a facility and contract for our student. We do not guarantee placement in a specific facility but will commit ourselves to find the best fit for your clinical experience. You do not need to find your own facility however if you have a site that has committed to working with you we will do everything possible to contract with that facility.

Where can I get the pre-requisites? (CPR, Immunizations, liability insurance)?

You may go through the American Red Cross Association, The American Heart Association, Heart Savers, or your local Fire Department.  Also you may do a google search for other locations in your area.

Your local public health department or primary physician can give you the immunizations required.

Where do I acquire my Liability Insurance?

Nursing Liability can be obtained from several sources. NSO is recognized by the National Student Nurses’ Association (NSNA). 1-800-247-1500    OR Marsh affinity Group Services, 1440 Renaissance Drie, Park Ridge. Il  60068, 1-800-503-9230

You will need coverage for $1M/occurrance, and $3 M Aggregate  

Do hospitals charge a fee for the clinical experience?

It is the hospital prerogative if they wish to charge a fee. To-date some large Hospital Groups charge a fee to process the Registration platform.  This fee is paid by MedStar Academy, Inc.  Other facilities do not charge a fee.

When do I start my practical experience?

You must pass the mid-term and final exam for the didactic component and complete the review of all the clinical skills on the DVDs including documentation.

Where do I get the certificate of completion?

MedStar Academy, Inc. RN Refresher Online program will send you the certificate of completion after you have submitted the completed checklists and evaluations of your 160 hours clinical experience.

What is the cost of the program?
Please refer to the application for tuition costs.  *Program books and supplies are additional costs of approximately $395. Upon ordering from the publisher there is are a variety of discounts for online texts.  These are direct purchases by the student from the supplier eliminating the middle man’s mark up and keeping costs down. Information on purchasing these will be forthcoming once you have paid your tuition and become officially enrolled.

The RN Refresher program is a self-support program.  In order to keep reduced tuition costs, a refund of the initial tuition installment is available within the first 48 hours of program enrollment. All notice of refunds must be made by email. There is a 25% administration fee charged for this service.

For additional questions please call the Program Director Dr. Sandra Wyrick at (425) 478-0779.

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