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Are you tired of saying "used to be a nurse?"  Return to the career you love.  Update your knowledge and skill now.  Embrace an easy way to get your license back and begin earning a significant income while 


MedStar Academy, Inc. was developed after receiving student feedback indicating the need for an online format that would offer students a choice in their education with regard to curriculum, format, pace, and cost savings while moving toward their professional goal of returning to the nursing workforce. Over the years it has assisted nurses get their career back on track.


  1. Update the knowledge and skills of RN re-entering the nursing profession

  2. Instill self-confidence for the nurse returning to active practice

  3. Return a competent nurse back to health care environment to provide safe patient care

  4. Achieve an ACTIVE RN license.  Once the program is completed and the RN refresher student has completed all the requirements including the clinical, the student will be issued a Certificate of Completion. The Arizona Board of Nursing will be notified of this completion, the Certificate of Completion sent to them, and an active license will be issued


  1. Read our entire website and look at the comments from other students who have taken this program

  2. Fill out the application and email to

  3. Go to for information which will assist you in locating the Nurse Practice Act which determines the requirements necessary to maintain active status and approves the nurse refresher courses.

  4. Once you submit your application for enrollment your application will be reviewed for acceptance into the program

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